December 7, 2006

5 years ago today

Wow, five years ago, on this date Chris and I started seeing one another.  It wasn't planned, it just kind of happened (Well, God had His plan; but I had no idea what was going to happen in the next couple of days or even months!).  

On December 7, 2001, Chris and I shopped like crazy (for some little dance costumes for a kid-show) and then we just talked and talked and sang and goofed around.  The next day was the show and we went out after the show -we saw a movie, I think.  He took me out to just relax from a lot of craziness that was going on.  I know that to some it sounds silly; but I just knew something different about him -w/ all of me -I just knew he was 'the one' after just a couple of days in December (December confirmed my feelings and love for him -we had spent some time together in September; but ended up just staying friends; but after the couple of days in December, I just knew that I knew I was right to follow my heart.)  On the 11th, after he had already asking me to marry him on 3 different occassions throughout the year, I finally agreed (accepted his proposals.  I was so comfortable w/ everything about us.  There was that feeling that makes you feel like you are just going to explode w/ every GREAT emotion possible . . . I couldn't hold back anymore -I wanted to go get married right then and there; but he insisted that we have a wedding like I'd always wanted -the big fancy dress w/ the beautiful alter and pretty flowers, w/ our loved ones present . . . you know?!  

On the 21st, we took a day trip to Houston for fun and shopping.  It was our first trip together and we have such wonderful memories and pictures.  We dreamt of the things we would want at our wedding and we shopped around for rings, colors and ideas . . . 7 months later we became husband and wife!!!  Aw, I love remembering all of this . . .

So, it's been 5 years since we took that 'step' in starting our relationship!  You want to know something really amazing?  During December of 2001, there was one particular night, out of the many, that we were downtown walking the river walk and talking about our lives and future.  Well, we ended up sitting at a patio table, over looking the river, and having a great conversation about the possibility of a future together —while tried to keep warm . . . After getting married, every time we would be downtown at the River Walk, we would pass that patio area and reminisce of our conversation we had 'that one night' in 2001.  Well, one of the times that we passed that patio area, Chris realized and pointed out that it was actually the backside of the Hotel where we stayed on our Wedding night.  To us it's pretty amazing how the night we sat there we had no idea that months later we would be spending our first night as husband and wife in that very Hotel.  

There are other things that we love to remember -about how we had to have been meant to meet at some point because of all the previous times we passed one another up w/ out even knowing it.  Or of the time that Chris aggrevated me so much that I couldn't stand him and I didn't even know him at that time.  I had no idea that it would be him that I would later fall in love w/ and marry.  Lol.

*story of how he aggrevated me "so much":
Chris has this picture, in his high school scrap book, of himself dancing in a Beacon dance workshop.  When I saw that pic (in September 2001), while we had just started dating, he told me how he and his friend signed up for the dance workshop just to be around the girls . . . my jaw dropped and I was absolutely speechless.  I started laughing out of shock as I pointed out to him that I was just one or two girls over in that very same pic!!!  Beacon is a gifted and talented program for high schoolers (in middle school it was called Tips (I don't remember what that stood for) and in elementary it was called Prep -or Pep- and Promise) and every so often there would be Beacon workshops and fieldtrips that you could sign up for and attend.  Some events, I would just sign up for to get out of school -lol.  But this fine arts one, I signed up to really get something out of the dance workshop.  I was serious about being there.  I wore dance attire that they asked for and then these two 'dorky' guys showed up at the last minute and didn't take a single dance move seriously.  Some other girls and I were just soooo annoyed w/ them and wished they could have been kicked out because we really wanted to learn as much as possible.  At the end of the day, each workshop would present what they had learned in front of allll the other people.  So, we had a performance hall at UTSA full of other students ready to watch our performance and during the bridge of the song, we were supposed to freestyle some modern dance moves that we had learned, the two annoying boys (one of them being CHRIS!) decided to act like it was a strip dance . . . grrrrr!!!  Chris's friend was the one that ripped his own shirt off and twirled it around his head and then through it off stage.  All of us girls were so disgusted and upset -we felt that they ruined our performance.  So can you imagine how speechless I was when I saw that photo and realized that he was one of those annoying 'dorks' that ruined our workshop!!! LoL!!!

We have realized, throughout being married, all the other little things that are almost out of a movie -where the two are in the same place at the same exact time and have no idea . . . we used to go skating at the same rink at the same time on the same days -every weekend when we were in middle school.  I never noticed him because I was so caught up in my own group of friends.  He was in choir at Taft high school and I was in choir at Holmes high school and when we would go to competition Taft and Marshall were always our main competitors to beat (not that we ever did —I don't think).  We were at the same place at the same exact time competing against each other.  I even knew some people from the other choirs and I would make my way over to chit chat and say hi -but I never met or noticed him . . . it's little things like that that make me know that "What's meant to be WILL be" -my favorite saying.  

I met him in 1999 through his sister -which I actually went to middle and high school with.  I even had 2 classes w/ his sister in high school and talked to her about me liking some other guy, at that particular time, and she would tell me what she thought -but I never knew she had a brother . . . the same brother that was doing a lot of the same things I was doing at the very same place and time . . .

I will never forget when she introduced me to him.  ha ha ha  It's what I believe 'love at first sight' -I loved the person that I met.  I loved the smile he gave and the attention he gave to me when I was talking to him that night.  I loved his eyes immediately -but who doesn't (even strangers come up to him just to say that he has such beautiful eyes -ha ha ha).  There was just something about him . . . a vibe, a 6th sense or something, as some people have said.  I can't always put it into words but I will Never forget that moment!

December always makes me feel all giddy and twinkly-eyed because of all the wonderful memories of our relationship (all the way from the very first time we met, to him teaching me to drive standard, driving his truck and blasting up the radio, realizing that we both LOVE Ace of Base just the same, playing in the rain while running home -I lived right behind Huebner oaks and we would walk to the stores and/or or movies and walk back.  Well, one night it just began to pour and we had a blast running through the rain and playin' around . . . what memories!!- , driving his mustang and falling in love w/ "tonto" (oh how we miss tonto! *sniffle*) Going to IHop at 7 in the morning for breakfast -lol- just being ourselves and having  a BLAST w/ whatever we were doing!)  What great, irreplaceable memories!

7 more months for our 5th year wedding anniversary . . . Aw, Praise God!!!  I love him, I love him, I LOVE HIM!!!
 Yup, You, babe 

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