November 23, 2006

7 more hours . . .

Almost time for the festivities . . . hee hee.
Okay, so I have had one amazing day today.  It's been so special in it's own way because most of the day was just me and Kryssa.  She was super today, thank God.  I don't think I would have gotten so much done today if she would have had "one those days", you know?!  Well, 'we' (she actually did help a lot today! it made it that much more fun for me) made a pumpkin pie and a pecan pie.  I wasn't able to make my cheese cake tonight because I ran out of vanilla extract -but I have it now and I will have my cheese cake done, some time in the late morning.
Um, the turkey is stuffed and ready to be place in the oven -that needs to be done at 8am.  So, 7 more hours for that . . .
Kryssa is sleeping over at Grandma and Grandpa's house and I am done in the kitchen for tonight.
Oh, we finished setting up our Christmas tree, as we watched the movie Elf.  (It's tradition for us -a christmas movie while setting up the tree. ).  Kryssa helped decorate that and it was just so wonderful!  I really enjoy just watching how much she is capable of doing . . . she can actually participate w/ the "Holiday" stuff now -how exciting.  What great memories I'll have.  Oh, I can't even imagine what she will be able to help out w/ next year . . .
Here are some pics:
Kryssa helping out w/ the baking:

The Pumpkin Pie BEFORE she started to "help" out:

The Pumpkin Pie AFTER Kryssa "helped" out:

LoL, I didn't even get mad or anything -how could I?  She really felt that she helped w/ the Pumpkin Pie -plus it's going to be gobbled right up tomorrow; atleast I got a 'before' picture!  She was smacking the pie w/ the whisk and really digging it in there while happily saying, "I did it! A Pumpkin Pie, Mommy.  Bate, Bate (spanish for stir/beat). . ."  So, it now has her WONDERFUL creative touch!!
Kryssa helping out w/ the Pecan Pie:

The Pecan Pie:

Kryssa decorating her part of the Christmas tree -over and over again.  She would put them on and then take them off -over and over . . . Lots of fun though!

These must be those memories that 'mommies' never forget.  The ones that I will tell her over and over again -no matter how old she gets. . . I know my mommy has stories/memories that she loves to tell -as if it was just yesterday . . .GREAT memories.I
t's been such a wonderful day w/ Kryssa and then when Chris got home and, of course, w/ my parents (my mom was over helping me w/ the stuffings -sharing some family recipes) . . . I look forward to tomorrow!

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