November 20, 2006

A dream came true

A dream came true . . . for My Love.  Christmas came early for us this year -for one particular gift.  Chris has been wanting this allllll year long and now he is in 'lala land' and all googly eyed over the new "baby" of the house -lol
So, here it is:  His first flat screen tv (picture is no longer available)

Silly Chris!  He LOVES it!!!  After they brought this home, they had to go buy a new stand to hold the Tv up and away from Kryssa's little 'curious' fingers!  So, Kryssa and Gavin are "helping" (I guess, really, they were just drumming on it and having a blast while Chris was strugglin' to get it together).  Hee hee -Little hands are the best help . . . *giggle*   

So, now the only things in our living room (for now) are the couch, chair, side table and tv.  It seems so empty, like when we first moved in.  Soon, hopefully tonight or tomorrow night, the Christmas tree will go up!! Yay!
What can I say?  I'm not all for fancy tvs or whatever (when I was finally allowed to have a tv in my room, growing up at home, it was a black and white, "click click" turn the dial type tv -it was small enough to fit in my lap -get the picture?) ---but this, I can definitely get used to -hee hee.  Honestly, I was a little freaked out when I saw them walk through the door w/ that thing.  I thought it was going to be a lot smaller.  At first, w/ the way our living room was set up -I would get dizzy watching tv because it was way too close for that size screen. . .we've moved it around and are now considering purchasing a sectional couch to accommodate the new placement of the tv.  It's either the king size bed I NEED, in order to get some well needed rest, OR a new couch and chair, or sectional . . . Hm, don't know which to get.  It's a tough decision.
I love it . . . .WE love it!! 
Thank you so much Poppa!!!

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