November 21, 2006

I should know better

Okay, so I have had several blogs about Kryssa getting into my purse and eating up all my gum.  Well, once again . . .
She came over to me all happy.  One hand full of white stuff and the other full of crumpled up paper.  She came to me and said "Here mommy.  That's trash."  So, as she placed it all in my palm, I realize that the crumpled paper is about 8 empty gum wrappers!  The other hand had all the 8 unwrapped pieces of gum -well, minus how ever many she was smacking, loudly, in her mouth.  So, she took off running when she realized that I was going to take them away from her.  She calmly said, "okay, mommy, a Syssa get TWO gums."  I told her that since she already had gum in her mouth that we would have to put the others away for "later".  She cried a bit and she actually just looked too cute.  She was smacking her gum wearing a sticker on her forehead!!  lol, What a "kid" moment.
So, I took a pic of her just for the funny little memory . . . (pic no longer available)

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