February 27, 2013

Week 22: Papayas and "Operation Roll Over"

How far along?
22 weeks on 2/27/13

How big are the twinkies?
According to The Bump, the babies are approximately the size of:

How am I feeling?
I've been feeling great!  I'm in love with the twinkies and the pregnancy, as a whole.  My mind wants to do it all, but my body only lasts about 10 mins —before my thighs go numb.  I do what I can, a little bit at a time.  :)

My scale kindly showed me some new numbers... +12 lbs.
What do I miss?
I realize that I miss being able to roll over, during my sleep, and actually stay asleep.  I never really thought so much about "okay, roll over... NOW. . . there you go.  Now, one more time.... ahhh, that's comfy."  I have to be fully awake to roll over to another position and then sometimes it takes me another 10 mins or so to get back to sleeping.  Who knew it would be such a task?!  ;)

When I'm hungry, boy-oh-boy am I hungry!!  I can't decide on just one thing right now.  I want a little bit of everything!  yikes!  Another "new" symptom, this trimester, is feeling the need for a nap in the early afternoon.  I don't actually let myself nap, but I sure feel the need (eyes rolling around in my head and all).

Sushi.  Beans.  (any mexican food, really!)

 Highlights of the week?
We had a wonderful day-trip, out of town, to a beautiful park (with huge playground) and to the outlet mall, where we purchased some super cute clothes for all the kiddos!  KJ now has spring/summer clothes and the twins have some adorable new outfits waiting for them.  :)

Belly Watch:

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