February 4, 2013

It's happening tomorrow... already!!!

Tomorrow is a BIG day!!  My sis will come into town and go with me to my sono appointment.  I am so incredibly anxious to see our babies again.  However, I'm also very nervous to accidentally see boy or girl parts.

Our reveal party isn't until this Saturday.  My sis will be the only one with the very special news.  I'm going to go a bit nuts, I think.  I want to know already.  I want to be able to watch the sono and not worry about accidentally finding out a gender, or two.  BUT I also want to enjoy that BIG moment, this Saturday, with all of our family and friends!

I'm so glad my sis will be holding that secret for the week.  It came down to my mom or my sis:
My mom and I are very much alike.  We don't like surprises...and we aren't very good at keeping them either! lol  I mean, we can be but it is so incredibly tough to do.  haha  There have been many times that we just can't even talk to one another, if we have a surprise we are keeping from one another.  I have slipped up several times, okay, MANY times, revealing surprises and ruining the 'big moment' for others.  So, in order NOT to go crazy, having to avoid my mom, someone I talk to quite frequently in a week (just about every day), Chris and I figured my sis would be the perfect person!! :D  She lives two hours away.  We text more than we talk.  She LOVES surprises!  And she is GREAT at keeping them until that perfect time!  Plus, we figured it would make this whole journey that much more special for all of us... See, perfect!

I hope I can sleep tonight.  I hope I don't lose my appetite due to crazy knotted-up nerves.  And I hope, I hope, I hope, that I can still get a good view of our babies and NOT spoil the surprise for myself and everyone else.  I hope the sonographer warns me before zooming in on their privacy.

I'M SO EXCITED!!  I can't believe THE appointment is happening tomorrow already.  Wow.  I'M SO EXCITED!!!

Now, I'm just praying that both babies cooperate and 'show off what they have'! ;)

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