January 6, 2009

should definitely be sleeping right now

So, I know I really really should be sleeping right now. my love is snoozing away right here besides me. We started a movie up here which is always a bad idea bcause it is soooo rare when I don't finish a movie. So, I should have known better -i start a movie, I know I'll most likely finish it. We started it at 12:30am or so (plus I started updating my website --any sleep I did have went out the window when I started editing photos and checking details on posts...)!!! Oh, what a not so good idea. Chris on the other hand has no issue w/ falling asleep and not seeing the end of a movie --most of you already know his sleep habits!! ha ha *any time, any place, any where!! lol

So, my mind is racing right about now how I should be sleeping and how I'm more than likely going to kick myself in the rear for not just staring into the darkness until I drift away to lala land. But I think I'm just overwhelmed that work starts again tomorrow. I mean, I don't think I even blogged this -cause I was trapped in a non-blogging cage for a while-, but I've been on leave from work for about . . . 6 wks now? Something like that. So, my mind is freaking out right about now!! lol I mean, it's not like it's 'new' or anything. I've missed the kids . . . really -and so has Kryssa. She's ecstatic about going back tomorrow. I have been telling her that we go back on Jan. 6th and tonight, sharing our love and cuddles before bedtime, I told her, "Kryssa, guess what. Tomorrow we go back to the boys and girls club!" Kryssa's eyes lit up and she took an excited gasp of air in and said "yay! tomorrow's January 6th? . . . Daddy, guess what!" hee hee it was cute. So we are both excited to get back on our routine, I guess. *debbie downer trumpet tune* I am, however, super excited to get back to the gym!! Tomorrow is yoga and we are all thrilled (yes, even Chris is going to continue to join me in my classes. Although I did let him know that there are a few of 'his' that I still shouldn't participate in. :( He does understand though!)

So, good news: life will go back to the "normal" that we knew. Not so good news: my mind has been set to "freedom" and full time stay at home mommy mode for so long . . . it's a bit tougher than I thought it would be to get back into 'work mode'. i can do it! I know I can. I will enjoy it too, I'm sure! :D I just wish that in those six weeks I could have replaced my rusty body for a new one. ha ha ("oil can") I don't know that much has "improved". Pains aren't every day anymore. Although, this past week they have been here more than the previous two. Who knows why. I'm really considering taking my doc up on her offer to get a second opinion (even my parents say I should) w/ another doctor. The new meds that I started back in nov. have really shown some improvements for me in so many diff. ways!! that's probably the best health news of the past 6 weeks. Unfortunately it has been in my system long enough for the side effects to really be noticeable . . . I have "grandma-creeky-knees" -along w/ all my other bones and joints. :( I know it's the meds because that was one of the main things my doc let me in on b4 I started the meds. But it's a crazy "catch 22"; if I stop the meds too many more issues will return and then I'm back where I started 6 weeks ago -never a good thing. I've been telling Chris that medical science really needs to come up w/ some kind of concoction that fits each individual's needs perfectly. -you know, a little of this, a little of that . . . taking a med. causes new symptoms that sometimes are unbearable so just the right mixture of everything I need in one dose a day would be perfect...ha! I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels this way!! When I take med. "A", it causes me to need meds "B" and "C". If I stop med. "A", then my body feels as if it needs meds "A-Z"!! eh. but don't get me wrong, I'm coming along and I have learned to be so ever grateful for the health that I DO have. Praise God for that.

So, tomorrow, I'm really going to need to get great use out of my Kuerig brewer (my christmas gift from Chris. it's the absolute best brewer!! It brews two diff. cup sizes of coffee, tea, and/or hot cocoa!! Also, it holds something like 48oz of water -so I don't have to clean anything out or fill it up like I did w/ a reg. coffee pot! -enough about that!) I'll brew me some coffee in the morn and maybe some for the road trip out to Boerne . . . mmmmm, coffee!

Well, I'm still not sleepy but my body is burning of pain . . . I should def. lay down and rest my body, if anything. I'm sure I'll fall asleep after my body starts to relax.

Jessica, see you tomorrow "bright eyed and bushy tailed" (is that the saying?! LOL)

Bring on the work and gym schedule!! Bring it! I'm ready! (and pretty excited)


Good night to some and Good morning to others.

'til next time...

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