October 24, 2009

Should Life be a casting call?!

Why can't people just BE real and LET people be real?! What's the point of life if one just walks around "acting". Must be great then, I guess, because one can act whatever role is convenient for the moment . . . Oh and when I say "let people be real" --yes, it's each individual's choice, should not be determined by others. However, what I mean by that is just let people be (leave people be).

Wow, I could soooooo use "real" people in my life. Well, maybe I should insert the word "more" -right before "real" . . . I'm soooo irritated right now --it just really hit a nerve with me.

On a MUCH lighter note:

KJ just walked into my room and said, "look mommy, magic!" as she clenched a crayon in her hand and then just flexed open her fist and we watched the crayon dive quickly to the ground. I started laughing because it was cute and I was thinking that the "magic" was how it quickly "disappeared" as it fell out of her hand. She slapped her head with embarrassment and said "doh! That's not what it does when Nicholas does it." (Nicholas is a a classmate)
"What does it do when Nicholas does it?" I asked, realizing she really meant for it to be a different "magic" trick.
"It sticks to his hand when he opens it up. That's how he does it."
"Try again; maybe squeeze it tighter this time before letting go." I wondered if Nicholas really has tricks up his sleeve when he awes his little friends in his class with his "magic". hee hee

She tried one more time and it didn't work. I suggested that she should ask him how he does it --maybe he's too new of a magician to have mastered the "a magician never reveals his secrets" code.

hee hee

KJ sure did entertain me though --a magician in my eyes; and a comedian! ha ha

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