December 8, 2009

nothing to share...

I should be working. I got to work from home yesterday -didn't get much "work" done. I get to work from home again today (all week, I think) --I really need to get some work done today! I have a deadline tomorrow and then another on Friday. ((sigh))

KJ's doing soooo much better in school these days! Oh, and since my last blog, I've been chosen to be the "Room Parent" for KJ's class. It's like a part-time job all on its own. Right now I just have to focus on the Winter Party that will take place on Friday, Dec. 18th. I am off from work that day --originally to decorate cake/cupcakes for Jo's first bday party. Now, I have to make time to attend and host KJ's Winter Party and then head to Austin to decorate desserts. :) Fun! KJ will LOVE going to Austin!

We are back in our "should we move out of SA and have another house built or should we stay and change up some things on our house . . . or should we move but stay in SA?!" debate/pros and cons.

Christmas is just creeping up on us! It just hit me the other day --how people say, "time flies when you have a child". I SO get it now!! It's not just because you are watching a little life grow up and form. It's because as they grow up there are sooo many different things going on all at once. Deadlines, conferences, report cards, homework, field trips, lunches, clothes, rewards, etc. --there's not much time to just sit back and enjoy a day. Thanksgiving c, ame and went and I didn't even realize it was happening until the week of. Only because KJ was on vacation. I've been so busy with keeping up with her in school and my full time job and family time that I haven't had time to actually "count down" to the holidays. Before KJ was in school, I looked forward to the Holidays because it was something different and special that took place in that year. Well, now there are so many other different, special, new things taking place in this year that I have to balance it all out. The Holidays don't seem to JUMP out at me this year . . . KJ's first report card does... KJ's first school party does... Planning and looking forward to a special family outing on a weekend does... It's just so strange. I really was so unaware of what others meant when they would say "enjoy it. They grow up so fast." She's like a little busy bee and she's only in Kinder. I have a whole calendar just for KJ and she's not even in any extra curricular activities -like dance, karate, et. It's all just school (picture days, yearbook orders, homework packets, reading logs, sight words to study, holiday projects, field trips, spirit days!! Geez . . . there's soooo much to remember allll the time!!!!! lol

Im really looking forward to the Holidays just to be able to have some time off from work. I'll have more time to be with Chris and KJ. Right now, I wake up to get KJ ready for school, make her breakfast, pack her lunch, and take her to school by 7:45am. Then I see her again at 7pm or so. :( Then her bed time is at 8pm. By the time I get home, most of the time, she is already done with dinner and homework and in the bath getting ready for bed. Such a bummer! Really! I do enjoy my down time before my 9pm or 10pm bedtime. However, I really really look forward to my weekends with my family --and days off. :) Chris, on the other hand, gets off as early as 3:45pm and gets to pick her up and be with her after school. He's also had 3 weeks of vacation, spread out, since her first week of school!! He's about to have another during Christmas break. Lucky him! haha. My "vacation time" doesn't kick in until January.

So, Christmas is just days away and I'm here brainstorming about how to work it all out. :)

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving; Merry Christmas! Happy 2010!

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