October 14, 2009

went to bed with a cold in her head and didn't wake up till morning

yeah right! I wish.

I've been sicks since Monday. Fever, stuffy nose, runny nose, sore throat, clogged ears and head, cough (just started today), sneezing, watery eye (just one!) . . .

to top it off, I STILL have to work. I can't take advantage of my "sick" paid days off . . . the UD is at home with the flu (which is more than likely where all this yuckiness came from) and, well, we can't BOTH be home 'sick'... :( and sick little me drew 'the short stick' on this one. So, liquid 'Tylenol cold & flu daytime' is my new "coffee" for my work hrs. blugh! (and nyquil is my nice little cocktail before bedtime ;) haha)

I look forward to not having to wake up to use nasal spray, not waking up cause I'm sweating like I just got out of the shower, not waking up cause I'm miserably achy, freezing and just uncomfortable...

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