January 6, 2009

first days are rough

Hi :) Hope you have had a positive and eventful day.

Today, as I have mentioned, was my first day back to work after a 6 week 'leave of absence'. It was nice to be back. So many changes have taken place and I have some serious catching up to do, I'm sure. The kids didn't all seem to be so glad that I was back . . .haha. I think they thought I wasn't coming back bcause I heard a lot of "I thought you weren't coming back". I'm not too sure if they meant it nicely, as in they were happy I didn't leave for good, or as in I was really hoping that you would stay gone. lol And I mentioned to my boss that hopefully they were just on the sluggish "I'm not happy that my holiday break is over and I'm back at school now..." They did, as a whole, act a lot better than what I remember from right before I left. And then there were the ones . . . more like three... that were smarty pants and didn't want to do the assignment. They tried to weasel their way out of it but I worked my "mishelly-ness" and they all ended up participating!! lol Today's project was for Science and we had to make a little skeleton out of pipe cleaners -haha. The end result was nothing like what the diagram showed; there was glue EVERYWHERE!!! lol

Outside time was super cold for me, seeing how I just stood there. No one really wanted me to jump in their games. :( ha ha eh, it's only my first day back; I might be a little rusty . . .

I think the toughest part of my work day was not being able to rest my crazy achy joints and body. I don't think I have stood for 4.5 hrs since the last time I worked! :/ So, I opted out of yoga today. I figured I wouldn't over do and traumatize my body. So, I slowly get back into our "routine". One step at a time . . . work first. Well, Kryssa first, then work, then the gym I guess. *the great part of today is that it wasn't bad at all. it wasn't dreadful. It was nice, great and very 'normal' feeling. :) When we were at the table, eating dinner, I told Chris that by that point it didn't even feel like I had worked. I was tired and all -but after sitting for dinner I felt just as tired as a normal day I guess --maybe a bit more tired than that . . . but not like I thought 'the first day back' would feel like.

Oh, and I did want to ask your opinion on something: When does our "want to buy something for Kryssa" turn into spoiling?! I mean, we try not to spoil her but just today she received two "surprises", one from each of us, and she did not act all that well while we were at work . . . :( I went to rent from RedBox (well, return and then thought to rent and look at their $7 buy deals) and just couldn't resist purchasing King Fu Panda for seven dollars!! We have been wanting to purchase that for her since it came out but I haven't gotten myself to pay full price for it -so when I saw it available for only $7 dollars, I was so excited and I bought it. :D :/ THEN . . . I talked to Chris when I was on my way back home and he tells me that he has the best surprise for kryssa . . .He purchased yet another care bear for Kryssa!! My goodness! We love helping her collect one of each of the available care bears. But the timing created an overload of "gifts" . . . for a four year old that didn't have a SUPER DAY. :( We were so excited to give what we bought -so, I know we should have waited -but does that really 'create' a SPOILED child?! :(

Pls, share your opinions. We have really been thinking this out lately. I do know, though, that everyone has 'their own opinion' of "spoiled" --So, some of you may think that we have waaaay over spoiled Kryssa for the longest time now and some of you may think that I am just over thinking things and over reacting and Kryssa is not spoiled . . .

haha . . . I can handle your opinion, pls share.


happy night to you.

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