January 5, 2009

it's been a while, huh?

Well, I wanted to blog about our weekend. I am going to do my best to keep it short; Chris is reading Kyrssa her bed time story and I want to be done by the time he's done. We plan on poppin' some corn and watching a movie...

So, the holidays were great: Our newest niece arrived, we had jolly times visiting w/ family and exchanging gifts . . . it's always great to buy something someone has really been wanting and then watching them open it up! I know, I know, Christmas is NOT about material things --but we give gifts because we LOVE to!!

SO! We visiting w/ my sis, niece, "JoJo" (I'm thinking that might be our nickname for her), and our bro-in-law on Saturday and we had such a wonderful time. I can't believe how tiny babies can be. lol Kryssa was a very tiny baby but it so sad how I have almost forgotten already...*sigh*. :) I am loving every little moment I get to experience with her. :D

OH! Friday night was a moment in history . . . maybe not when you read it but it was hilarious in it's own way and a wonderful "aw" moment for me -I think I will remember for a long long time: My mom came over for her lime coconut cream cupcakes she had asked me to make for her ( I got a new cupcake recipe book back in November or early December -so I've been on a roll to try out new recipes) --well, I didn't like the cupcakes, Chris did but doesn't care for cream cheese frosting so they were "eh" for him ("ugh" for me, lol") --but for the one person that mattered the most, the 'requester', she LOVED them!! She LOVES coconut in every way fashion and form!! ha ha I, on the other hand, haven't liked any of the coconut recipes I have made; I'm not a fan of coconut so, enough said, I guess. Anyway, she came for the cupcakes and when she was leaving Kryssa asked if she could go stay the weekend w/ Grandma. I was surprised because she had been asking, since Christmas, if we could go see baby josephine again. So, after going over all the details about not being able to see the baby if she stays in SA w/ grandma and grandpa, she ended deciding to stay in SA and have fun w/ grandma. So, Chris and I ended up having a "free night" of just us --a spontaneous outing?! What? for us?! haha so we went to mama margies for dollar margaritas and dollar chicken fajita tacos!! mmmm! And then we planned on going to the movies --a late movie, whoohoo!! ha ha ;)

Well, we were finishing up when we got a call from my mom on Chris's cell phone -which always means that they need to speak w/ one of us right away (bcause mine stays in my purse, which we can't always hear, and Chris's is on his hip, which we always get the calls -for the most part). Well, it turned out that Kryssa was asking to come back home because she was sad and saying "I miss my mommy". That has never happened. . . so that's my "aw moment" we were bummed bcause it was 11pm and we had to drive 30 mins to get her and then 30 mins back and not get to see the movie or get a quiet night's rest -haha . .. but we lovingly went and picked up our daughter. the funny part about the night is I had been telling Chris, "it's weird hun, I miss Kryssa. I kind of wish she wasn't at grandma's tonight; although I would LOVE a night of just the two of us . . ." and then she apparently felt the same.

So, there went our spontaneous outing and night "off" lol!

Today, Chris set up the surround sound to the tv. we had unplugged everything when we brought our tv up stairs and then when he took it back down, we just never bothered to hook it up. now that it's hooked up, we had forgotten how awesome it all sounds!!! So, we have some movies for tonight! ha ha yay! :D

The "funny-ness" that I really wanted to blog about was my alllll day of baking today! ha ha I guess it realy wasn't all day. it just feels like I was in the kitchen all day. I had this deeeep desire to try a new recipe today. no one wanted anything specific so I thumbed through my newest stuff and found a "celebration chocolate" recipe for minis. Well, it was a celebration when I was done cause they were super easy and looked cute and great. I changed up the frosting a bit, to my liking and then I took a bite . . . .lol. my 24 minis ended up going in the trash!!! LOL I know that it's a given, as a baker, that 'trying' new recipes and ideas won't always be a hit --but I had no idea how these tasted so off. lol it called for vinegar, which I have NEVER had anything call for vinegar!! So that was the first eyebrow raise for me --then I used unsweetened cocoa and I realized later that I probably should have used sweetened?! haha my mom tasted it and said they were good but something was different. Chris tasted one and said it was "different". lol when I tasted it, I just threw it away!!! lol then I had chris by me more of some ingredients I used up so I could try another. Chris, before he left, set out, his favorite, funfetti cake mix and a container of cream cheese icing. I was a little insulted bcause here I am, looking to bake a new recipe and he just wants me to bake a box instead?! uh! haha. then I realized "screw a new recipe! let's try out my new cupcake baking pan . . ."!! It makes a HUGE cake-size cupcake!!! how awesome is that?! we absolutely loved it!!! I didn't eat any of the cake . . . I'm not a fan of funfetti and Pillsbury cream cheese icing . . . :( But I had so much fun putting the extra extra large cupcake together and decorating it like a cupcake!! :D I took pics and I'll b sure to post some. Chris was super happy when he got home --when he saw his gigantic funfetti and cream cheese cupcake waiting on the counter . . .

so, more adventures of funky recipes, I'm sure, will come along. Some recipes just aren't for Yum-Yummies . . . I'm sure there is someone, or several someones, that care for that strange bitter "different" chocolate flavoring --just not us. So, we've tossed that one and we're still looking for the best . . .

Happy Sunday and soon to be Monday for you.
I'm headed downstairs b4 chris calls it a night bcause I'm up here blogging too long!! ha ha


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