October 31, 2008

some answers finally! -maybe

so all this pain, all this discomfort . . . we might have found out what's been causing it . . .

I saw a new doc this morning to see if she would have some new ideas on figuring out what's wrong w/ me. I took a pregnancy test -came back negative. Good to know my IUD is working! ;) She set up an ultrasound of all of my abdomen --all my organs! Yay for her for being so thorough. And then another ultrasound of my pelvic area. The new doc figured that since the GI specialist did all his part and didn't find anything and the gyno did all his part and didn't find anything -she would look at everything else. Sure made me feel like the problem would finally be located.

Well, feeling as miserable as I did, I really thought I was going to faint . . . I was freezing, light headed, pale, had purple fingernails, weak . . . well, laying on the table, having all my organs looked at, I talked w/ the sonographer about my history of ovarian cysts and infertility. After taking pictures of my liver, kidney, gallbladder, etc., she got down to checking my ovaries and said "yup your cysts sure did come back" --the she realized that my bladder wasn't full enough to get a good enough view of everything; so she sent me back out w/ a full glass of water (after already chugging down 34oz of water before my appt.). When I reeeeeeally needed to pee, I was ready to go get the rest of my "pics" done . . . that is when she said, "this has got to be what's causing your pain . . . " She turned the screen and showed me the largest ovarian cyst in my personal history of ovarian cysts!! :(

Once we were done, we got to talking about that cyst and she said that it measured to about golf ball size!! :( She also said, "I'm not a doctor but she'll probably send you back to your obgyn to get that removed...if that ruptures, it's going to be a lot more painful..." MORE PAIN?! I CAN'T IMAGINE EVEN MORE PAIN THAN THIS... :( *How my gyno overlooked a cyst that large? I have no idea . . . unless this is something that got out of hand after my last gyno ultrasound in July. There's no telling when this got out of hand or if it was really over looked!

The thought of another laparoscopy is very concerning to me. Yes, I want relief and yes I will go through w/ another one if it will relieve these pains. BUT I just pray to God that I it will go a LOT better than the last one (no week stay in the hospital due to an infection from the surgery . . .)

So, my doc, this morning, prescribed some pain killers, anti nausea medicine, and an antibiotic to help with all the symptoms I'm dealing w/. So, far, so good. The pain killer takes most of the pain away and gets me nice and sleepy -so, God willing, I'll get some good sleep and rest tonight. I'm tired of being woken by these annoying and excruciating/tremendous pains!!

In the name of Jesus, let this all end well...

Thank you for your words of encouragement and prayers. I truly appreciate it.

Oh and I had been looking forward to Halloween for months -because each year is so much fun as Kryssa is older each time and enjoys things differently each year . . . I will either be sitting on the porch handing out candy . . . or just laying up in bed as I have been since Tuesday :(. Chris will get to enjoy walking through the neighborhood trick or treating w/ the cutest little Share Bear Care Bear EVER!!! ha ha ha ;)

* I had even been excited to dress up to work . . . it's the first year I would have dressed up as an adult and it's not going to happen this year after all. :(

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