October 20, 2008

update 10/19/08

hello!! :) It's been so long since I've sat to blog. I know it's late -yes, I'm tired . . .

quick update (I'll try to keep it quick -only cause I want to cuddle and sleep real soon):

I FINALLY got my "hair did"! (as Chris likes to say) I got it cut/trimmed/layered, colored a shade darker than my natural, and then a nice red hot streak over my white! :D I LOVE it!!

Yesterday was my sister's baby shower. I'm so glad it has passed -it was a lot of work! My mom and I had been working on all the details for months!! and these last several days have been sooooo overwhelming! ha ha. Everyone says they had so much fun/really enjoyed it. Albertina had a really great time and that's what matters most, right?! Oh! I got to feel my little niece move around in her belly!!! :D I felt many kicks and funky movements!! :D

I still enjoy my job! ha ha ;) I've had a chance to work w/ k-1st, 2-3rd, and 4-6th graders!! the pre-teens are my fav so far (of course!) -but each group has plenty of pros and cons.

We've started the paper work for our new house (in New Braunfels)! We've picked our lot (sept 21, I believe, is when we did that)!! They're holding off on breaking ground until Dec. 3 or so...that's a day or two after Chris gets final word w/ his, at that time, position w/ WaMu/Chase. God willing, if everything goes well, our house will be ready some time in March. **Our house will going up on the market sometime in Nov -hopefully. We've been working on all that we need to do to get it "ready".

We are looking forward to Halloween . . . Kryssa keeps going back and forth between being a purple bat, pink ghost, green dinosaur, rollie pollie, butterfly, fairy, Jack (from Jack in the box --not gonna happen cause Chris's took me about an entire week and I just don't feel up to making another "Jack Head"), . . . I can't remember what else --but she keeps on jumping around w/ her decision. Oh! she has also said that she wants to be Super Slueth Darby -from winnie the pooh...

What else? haha, ...

Oh, it turns out that we aren't going to Disney World this December after all --w/ all the WaMu/Chase changes, the house, and then we are still taking that cruise in Jan . . . We are still taking Kryssa to see PlayHouse Disney Live (in Austin) . . . I know, doesn't compare to Disney World -but she seems to understand. We are going to work and plan on going next year . . .

haha, Oh! lately, Chris has been talking 'bout "baby" . . . WHAT?! ha ha, he is wanting to try again, I think. He keeps bringing it up and asking random questions 'bout it --out of no where!! He totally catches me off guard. Noooooooo!!! ha ha ha I'm only about a fourth of the way into my 2yr "waiting" plan!! lol I was thinking we could try again sometime in 2010. Only 4 months have gone by since my "new focus plan" has started . . . . and now he's trying to change things all up?!?! it's so strange that he is the one leaning towards "baby". :( Poor thing . . . my heart and mind is so set at this point that I just can't see myself agreeing to try again -so soon. I told him, today that I am open to talking all about it but not to trying again -not yet; it's just too much of an emotional journey...

strange, huh?!

That's our update, for now, I guess. :)

I'll try to blog more often --I'll do my best.

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