November 5, 2008

recovery update, prayer’s needed for my dad’s health, watching history in the making, +3

I had my surgery yesterday morning . . .

It was strange, I remember getting to the OR (I guess it's called that -or is it SR "surgery room"?) and looking around. I remember the anesthesiologist asking me where I wanted to go on "vacation" -while I slept- and then I remember moving from one bed to another and then the next thing I remember is waking up feeling like I couldn't breathe -my throat was so swollen from having the tube down my throat. Then I reacted to the anesthesia and my whole body was trembling out of control -like an adrenaline rush or major loss of blood, like shock almost . . . they had to put a 'porta-heater' over me and they wrapped my entire body (head and all) in warm blankets. They were instructing me to breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth . . .

I heard a nurse tell another that she has never known anyone to wake up so soon after surgery. I woke up in 20 minutes! Last time it took me about an hour. I think I was just looking forward to that exact moment for the last several days -that moment when I wake up and know it's all over and that I would start feeling better from that point on!

So, the doc cleared away the golf ball-size cyst and then their was another significantly large one on my other ovary along w/ some smaller ones. Then I heard what I had been so afraid to hear . . . I have endometriosis. :( My ovaries were attached to my abdominal wall -not where they belong!! (no wonder I was in soooooo much pain and just not well anymore!) So, my doc burned off that endometrial tissue and pulled/put my ovaries back where they belong . . . I'm just so sad about the news. I don't understand. It wasn't there 10 months ago --BUT I am thankful that I HAD to get the surgery again already/so soon because it could have gotten soooooooooo much worse! Even Chris is so sad about it because he has been on this "baby high" and we are both praying that this doesn't get any worse between now and the time that we start ttc again . . . We just might have to adopt sooner than we thought. Only God knows! --I don't know how more of these surgeries I can go through.

So, God willing my recovery continues well. I'm super sore and have several air bubbles putting a lot of pressure on my insides and right lung/rib cage. :( (from the gas that they put in my belly). But I'm moving a long quite a bit better than I did after the last one. I got a scare today because I started w/ a fever around 11:30am. Even after I took my prescribed tylenol (w/ codeine) and my temp still never got below 100.4! :( Thank God it's back down to between 99.0 - 99.4 tonight. The doc says he'll call tomorrow and if it's not down to 98.6 that I have to be admitted. God willing things continue to go well. I'll probably never want this surgery again if 2 out of 2 times I end up in the hospital w/ an infection because of this surgery . . .

Other news in our household is that we are now +3 for a while. :) My niece and her 2 baby girls have moved on in for a while. So, now we are a family of 6 (ages: 27, 26, 20, 4 and 2 yrs old, and one 9 month old) We'll have some great times and some trying times (I'm sure) -I'm very happy to have them here w/ us. :)

Also, if my bulletin didn't work w/ getting posted: My dad is in the hospital (we don't know for how long he'll be there). The CT results show that he had a mild stroke. He has lost some of his vision. :( My poor daddy! Please Please Please keep him and my mother (and my family) in your prayers. We greatly appreciate it.

I will post any other updates when I can.

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