March 16, 2007

Snippity snip . . .

Okay, so I HAD to cut her hair on Wednesday night -because the tangles w/ all the curls just go to be too much.  She would cry of pain EVERY time her hair would get brushed/combed.  No matter how much conditioner spray was put in her hair, no matter how much water we would spray in . . . . it would still be tangled enough to cause pain.  So, enough was enough -for us -I couldn't stand knowing that her comfort was being compromised for the long curly hair that I love . . .along w/ everyone else.  So, snip snip snip . . . I love cutting hair -so I had a blast AND she does very well; I guess because she doesn't get freaked out w/ a stranger putting scissors to her hair -while walking in to a 'new place'.  Well, I like it for the reasons that I cut it in the first place -I can run my fingers through it and I don't have to comb ot brush it -just spray some water and conditioner and shake it around . . . fluffy and curly . . . BUT I sure do miss the beautiful long curly hair.  I think she looks so much younger now .  .  .again -like when I frist cut her hair at 14 months . . .anyway!  So here are some pics:
Her curly long pigtails: 

Long curly hair (when wet, it reached the middle of her back):

Now it's not very long (when wet, come down just below her shoulders):

Still very curly, though, thankfully -the way I wanted it!!

Lol, her little gorilla!!!  LoL, he was swimming in Spaghetti O's a couple of mins before this pic was taken.  I washed him off and then realized I wanted to take the pic.  It just looks so funny -her little gorilla watching her eat . . .

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