February 16, 2007

Valentine memory

So, I just thought that I would blog this . . .
I've been thinking about it since Valentine's Day.  There's not much to say about it -unless you want the ENTIRE story (aka the long version -hee hee).
Well, Five years ago, on Valentine's Day (2002), my dad extending his hand out to, who at that time was, my Fiance.  We will NEVER forget that moment.  So, this year, Chris and my dad thought it would be nice for all of us to to go out to the same resturaunt, La Fogata, in celebration of 5 years ago -on that date-.  BOY!  -what a difference it was!!!  We're going on 5 years of marriage now, we have a beautiful 2 1/2 year old, and we are all one family now!!!  Five years ago, I really couldn't imagine this . . . for those of you who know . . . So, PRAISE GOD for . . . well, EVERYTHING!!!   All in all Valentine's Day turned out to be a celebration of so much more than just "romance" (or whatever it's "supposed" to be) -I mean, I have my own emotional female version of the day before Valentine's and the day of . . . but like I said, all in all it was a beautiful celebration/day! 

February 14, 2002 @ La Fogata (a picture of the picture)

Five years later . . .
February 14, 2007 @ La Fogata

With Our Precious Kryssa!!  *How time sure has passed -too quickly it seems.  (Okay, so, our smiles are a little gone -my dad just waits too long to snap the photo sometimes.  By the time it flashes, our smiles have been on our face for too long! -you know . . . I wish we had better smiles)

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