January 29, 2015

Third pregnancy, fourth baby | Week 7: Pee sticks, nausea, and more pee sticks.

How far along?
7 weeks on 1/27/15

How big is baby?
About the size of a blueberry.  Or about the size of a cuff link.

How am I feeling?
Super excited and still in a huge state of disbelief.

I decided to do what I highly suggest no one do... but I did it anyway.
 I continued to pee on sticks because I wanted to see if the line would get any darker (the way it did during our IVF cycle).  Well, unfortunately, for me, they got lighter and FREAKED me out to no end.  I had to learn to fully rely on God for a few days there.  I sent myself into a panic.  I expected the worst of it.  Thank God, I withheld testing for a few more days... and then I tried one more time.  I JUST needed to see it dark again, for peace of mind (even though I know I should just learn to fully trust God --not test strips), and I did get my two dark beautiful pink lines again.  

So no more testing for me. ha!  Just tons of time in prayer to strengthen my faith and to be able to just enjoy these early days (when only symptoms remind me that you're really pregnant).

 I actually have not weighed myself since finding out.   But I would like to state that I had lost 7 lbs right before finding out.  I was on my way to losing the weight I had retained/regained, since having the twins.  So, I will have to work just as hard, if not harder, as I did last time to keep my weight gain at a healthy minimal.  I can't use the pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever and however I want.  Bummer! ;)

I can do it.  I can do it.  I can do it...

What do I miss?
My energy.  My appetite.  My workout routine (I am just either too nauseated or exhausted and light headed to make myself go to the gym.  I will either have to force myself to get over it, or hope that this 'funk' passes so I can get back to my gym routine.)

Oh, and I miss fitting into my 'regular' clothes and not feeling like I'm about to bust a button.  ha!  I do look forward to when I can fit into my pregnancy clothes again.  :)

Random endo pains --so unexpected and annoying; but they don't seem to last as long as a full episode.
Exhausted.  Nauseated.  Super emotional.  Bloated.  Constant indigestion.
Nothing seems to settle correctly.  Even water messes me up sometimes. 

(But I'm super thankful for not having any morning sickness still/yet.)

Oh, and breastfeeding is not as painful as it had been in the prior weeks.  Just, obviously, still super sensitive. 

Nothing yet.  (I'm sure that will change once I start liking food again.)

Highlights of the week? 
We decided to share our news on FB and Instagram.

I was actually hesitant this time around, for some reason.  But we figured it would be so much more exciting to be able to share freely as we always have (rather than having to be careful not to 'spill the beans' somehow.).

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