January 29, 2014

Increasing milk supply (#3), Day 31.

Day 31:  1/29/14

I'm exhausted.  I don't feel like pumping.  I don't even feel like getting out of bed.

Liam woke about 2 hours earlier than usual.  I napped with him, as soon as he finished his bottle.  A very, very, short 40 mins later, Elly woke, demanding to eat.  I tried to hurry and pump the side she doesn't normally use in the morning.  Pumped only about 7oz, instead of my usual 14-16oz.  So disappointing, but it's my own fault!  I know I should pump while Liam is drinking his bottle.  He always wakes before her.  Always.

But I was just so tired.  All day.

I was way off on my pumping schedule today.  But I made myself MAKE time to pump (as I threw a huge tantrum about it, in my head.  ha!)1i.  It means I didn't clean a single thing today.  It also means that I had to eat whatever was the quickest --munched on KJ's left overs and quick snacks, which aren't always the healthiest around here. :(

Oh, I know this will get better.  It absolutely has to.

Today's Total:  29.5 oz; Pumped 5x

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