March 6, 2013

Week 23: Eggplants and birth plans

How far along?
23 weeks on 3/6/13.

How big are the twinkies?
According to Parents, the babies are approximately the size of:

How am I feeling?
Sleeeeeeeeepy.  Hungry.  Full.  Sleepy.
(kind of sounds like a baby's schedule, huh?)


What do I miss?
Nothing really.  I'm loving every single moment right now!
(Although, I do daydream about being able to roll around on my belly during the night...)

It's been a pretty great week!  —oh, besides dealing with miserable allergies; maybe it was a cold? (excruciating sinus pain, stuffy nose, runny nose, sore throat, headache)

Meat.  Beans.  Cake.

Highlights of the week?
My car finally works again!!  I really enjoyed being out and about, with KJ.  
Chris and Kryssa worked in the nursery and set up the babies' cribs and finished the trim/accent on the walls.  :)  It's really coming together and we are all excited.
Chris and I finally decided to switch from my current OB to the midwife we met with earlier this year.  I never really expected Chris to be fully on-board with the switch, but we are here, planning for a home birth, and I am super excited!!!

Belly watch:

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