February 2, 2010

Lupron. Day 19

Well, I've been waiting to share such wonderful news . . . I'M PAIN FREE!!! I haven't had even a pinch of pain for several days now. PLUS, the major pain that I was experiencing -what got me to go back to my doc for an update - all that has been gone for a while now!!! Praise God!!

I used to think, only a miracle would give me pain free days. Well, call it a miracle, call it Lupron . . . call it whatever you'd like, I call it 'God is AMAZING'!!! :D I have not felt this good -pain free- in years. I can't even really describe it. If you could see how I SHINE (and tear up) when I talk about being pain free, then you might understand a glimpse of what I'm truly experiencing.

I'm sooooo thankful to God. I had no idea I would be able to experience pain-free days. Oh, how I'm sooooooo grateful to God. That's all I think, over and over, in my head, everytime I realize how wonderful I have felt . . . "Oh, Thank you Lord!!"

Hot flashes? Not too bad. I just feels, at times, that I'm wearing a sweater during the middle of summer. lol But nothing that I can't tolerate or that I'm not willing to deal with in exchange for feeling so wonderful (pain-free).

mood swings? Well, I'm a female -aren't they to be expected anyway?! haha *okay, I'll admit, they are way more dramatic. lol. but I really am doing my best to keep them under control and 'normal'.

hair loss? it's annoying. I'm shedding like a labrador. haha! It's clogging up the bath tub and starting to coat the bathroom floor (just from my morning hair-do's) <---I have no idea if that is grammatically correct?!)

weight change? I actually seem to be loosing some 'shape' here and there. I think it's a balance/mixture of other meds I'm on. One says weight gain and two others say weight loss as side affects. So, it's balancing itself out. *we just froze our gym membership again and I think we are going to get a wii fit very soon. So, I'll be trying to start some kind of home routine to stay fit and healthy. My poor body needs something consistant for once.

My life? Well, we all know that LIFE isn't always easy. Sometimes the wind carries you to new beginnings . . . and other times, you just have to bare the sting of fighting to stand against the storm! It takes some serious hard work, a lot of prayer, and staying focused on God and His will/plan . . . I do know that His reward is much greater than the ones I try to create on my own.

until the next blog . . .

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  1. Thank you for sharing :) I hope I can say the same things once I start my course of Lupron! I cannot wait to say that I am pain free!!! I think congrats to you is in order ; )