February 12, 2010


I have to share that I had an appt on Wednesday and the sono showed that the large cyst is completely gone!! Praise God!! The day I had lupron prescribed, the doc couldn't even see my left ovary due to the large cyst that had grown on it.

So, with the cyst now gone, and the absense of endo pain, we are happy that the Lupron treatments are working!!! :D

It's been amazing! Really! Everyday movements and activities that are overlooked by the majority, used to cause me a lot of pain. Now, I feel like I'm living a whole new life. It's literally a difference like Night and Day. I haven't used any pain killers since Jan 13, or so. Before starting Lupron, I was using them about three times a day.

Everyday, I find myself doing something super cautiously, to avoid triggering pains (because it was that way for years). When I remember that I'm pain free I laugh inside for being so used to avoiding certain activities and movements...and I happily give it a try -and I haven't been stopped by pain! It's wonderful! I'm so thankful to God --for my doctor and for a treatment that actually works. :D

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