December 10, 2009

Take #2

So, KJ's first school pictures, taken back in October, were over looked. for some reason, Chris and I didn't communicate well enough. I let KJ choose her own shirt that day and how she wanted her hair done --I had NO idea it was picture day. What did KJ choose? Why, her favorite halloween ghost shirt, of course! lol and a white sparkly matching headband.

I like the picture; it's cute. However, it isn't what we had wanted her "school picture" to look like. So, today is "retake" day. Let's see how these turn out. :) hee hee. I braided her hair and put her in a sparkly shirt she likes (no ghost -lol).

I should have gone to have lunch with KJ. Today, I'm working from home again and I had time; I could have gone. I just wasn't sure if it was a good idea. She's brought home 2 'red marks' from school. very bad. I'll wait until she gets some greens and then I'll plan a lunch with her. :)

I found out today that our modem went out yesterday. I totally freaked out because I knew I had to use the internet for work. My deadline is tomorrow. I have to have the first two weeks of January's curriculum turned in by 3pm tomorrow. Thankfully, I pick up some other network called 'belkin54g' or something like that. I don't know where it's from but I am able to connect to it upstairs. As long as I don't lose this signal, everything will be A-Okay!

Today's another one of 'those days' --the ugh ones. I wish I could just throw on my pjs and curl up in bed, watching movies . . . OH! but I think I am getting my requested days off which will give me some GREAT back to back days off!!! Off on Dec 17 and 18 will give me a 4 day weekend next week! Off on Dec 23 will give me a 5 day weekend the following week. Then off on Dec 30 will give me another 5 day weekend!!! -three weeks in a row!!! :D I'm sooooo excited!! God willing it all gets the final approval...

Well, I need to get back to 'business', I suppose. Have a "Thurrific" Thursday!! lol (corny, I know.)

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