January 12, 2008

2,008 different things going on!!!

So, I've decided to sit and blog. Kryssa is supposed to be taking a nap (currently: she's still talking :( . . . ).

Well, today was the first day of AXSOTA class. For those that don't know or remember . . . AXSOTA stands for Andrea Ximenez School Of The Arts. I am a vocal Instructor and today was the first day of class If, by chance, you are interested in learning more about the school or even signing up for a class, visit the AXSOTA website.

I'm in the middle of baking a cake . . . mmmm, I'm excited! ha ha

Well, it's been a while since I've blogged --there's so much to say . . . First things first, I guess, I am off for about two months, from child care (while the family waits to welcome the newest little family member! And then the usual 6 weeks after that . . .). I'm a little mixed about the long break. I mean, it's not up to me, I know. lol. But I'm going to miss having the kids around for that length of time. BUT I am just soooo ecstatic to know that a new little baby will be joining Just Like Mommy -soon enough!! I'm really looking forward to enjoying all this time off --but at the same time, it might spoil me, hee hee. ;) --and Kryssa too!

Chris is currently working on a business plan and website for 'Yum-Yummies!' --God willing everything goes well for him and we get one step closer to the real thing . . .

Um, the newest TTC update is: I'm going in for a surgical procedure on Thursday, Jan. 17th (7am). So, please keep that in mind and say a prayer --That God guide the surgeon and prepare us for whatever results and news we may receive. I'd really really appreciate it. Thanks! I really won't know what our next step is until after the surgery . . . but I'll do my best to keep you posted. :)

Some super exciting news: We might be going to Hawaii in March!!! We are soooo close . . . we still have to wait until the end of this month, Jan., to find out for sure -but God willing it all works out to where we get to go to Hawaii. It's through his work with rankings and goals from 2007 (along those lines); so, we're just waiting to hear the final word on whether or not everything is what it needs to be -goal and number wise. Please God . . . **I am doing my best not to get my hopes up -just yet**

Oh, we went to Gruene yesterday, for my father-in-law's birthday. We ate at The Gristmill for lunch -it was super yummy!! Then we walked around and shopped; we had a wonderful time! I love places like that . . . there are so many little places we didn't get to visit -so we are definitely planning on visiting again, soon.

Wow, there's just so much that has gone on -it's hard to pick and choose what to include in the blog . . . and you definitely don't want to sit here all day and read it all either . . .

2008 is going to be even better than 2007 (which had many amazing blessings and life lessons/growing pains). I'm looking forward to celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary this July --we have so much more to learn and grow together as a couple, team, husband and wife, and family . . . God is SO Good . . . Good doesn't even describe Him . . . but as it's said, "God is Good. All the time." -Amen to that!!

I hope that you are doing exceptionally well or at least being optimistic in your life and thankful for what you do have. OH! I do want to share one more thing that I really benefited from . . . check this out (in your free time w/ a friend, your spouse, or just you and God): "The Secret To Happiness (Jan. 5-6, 2008)".

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