December 5, 2007

"All the boats are gone!"

I just had to blog this before I forget. -such an "aw, how cute" moment (I think).

So, today Kryssa has a temp of 103. :( Poor thing. Well, she's been laying around all day, drinking juice, snacking on light foods and watching cartoons. After a while, she ended up falling asleep -the last thing she was watching was Dora and Benny getting on a boat to cross the river -. I'm on the phone with my sis when she wakes up, looks at me and the short conversation goes something like this:


"What's the matter, baby?"

"They're all gone."

"What's all gone, love?"

"There aren't any more." -showing me her hands as if something was supposed to be in there.

"There aren't any more what?"

"The boats! They're all gone. There isn't a boat for me." -looking around from side to side now

"Okay. Well, go back to sleep. When you wake up, we'll look for a boat for you, okay."


"I'll help you look for a boat, when you wake up. It's okay, go back to sleep, love."

"What boat mommy?" -at this point I realized that she wasn't just talking about what she was dreaming -she had been talking in her sleep, with her eyes open --dreaming with her eyes open, I guess. Because after I told her I'd help her find a boat when she wakes up, I could tell that her eyes really looked awake now -not as sleepy looking as before. Plus, she had no idea what I was talking about and then she fell right back to sleep after I confused her talking about looking for boats!! lol --it was so cute. She was soooo serious about what she was saying. Her voice was sad and she was looking around --probably for Dora and Benny!! ha ha ha. Ah, I hope I remember this one for a long while . . .

As I was sitting here typing, she woke up talking, once again. This time she said "Mommy? I think . . . Simon says that we should stop doing that." I went over to her and asked where she was going -because she was taking her blanket off, about to get up like she was on mission --but she had just opened her eyes! Then she started crying telling me that she wanted to go finish playing. So apparently, in her dream, she was in the classroom playing Simon Says and in real life, she got sad when I told her that she wasn't playing -that she was sleeping. She kept telling me, while crying, "But, no Mommy. i wasn't sleeping, I was playing. It's not sleep time. i don't want you to keep putting me to sleep. I want to go play . . . " --I was rubbing her hair as she was crying and talking -and then she was out just as fast as she was ready to go finish playing Simon Says! Lol! poor thing.

Her fever is pretty high -if it doesn't get better and she keeps dreaming these things -thinking it's real - I might have to take her to TxMed or something. I know that when a fever gets to be too much for one's body sometimes it causes hallucinations! :( I pray that it's just a kid's dream . . .

But hasn't that ever happened to you? you're so sick and out of it that you can't tell what's the dream and what's real?!? --I know I've experienced that . . .

Please keep her in your prayers --a fever of 103 makes me nervous.


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