December 2, 2007


Ah, my parents just recently left our house -we were playing "Monopoly Here & Now" -talk about earning the millions!!! lol

Today's been a nice "home" day. I made chorizo and egg tacos for breakfast and that was about all the physical work (besides a couple of potty breaks w/ Kryssa) I had to do until late in the evening -I cut my dad's hair (snipped a piece of my skin off my hand :( -ha ha), got help fixing our vacuum cleaner...

So, my parents visited twice today -ha ha, they just couldn't stay away. It's been a nice calm day -lots of fun around here being silly, joking around --I just can't believe that it is December already --and that tomorrow is Sunday :( My weekend was my only time off w/ my family and it's almost over . . . tomorrow there is a bday party to attend, groceries to buy, laundry to work on, and probably some other errands that need some "running".

Our tree is decorated and our house has a fun little light show . . . Christmas is near . . . Make sure you spread that "Holiday Cheer"!!


**TTC update --so far so good (as far as I know). We should be able to find out if this round of fert. meds. worked --in about 3 wks or so . . . God willing, we'll have wonderful baby news! January will be a year already (since we've been TTC) -it seems to have gone by soooo quickly. i can't believe it! I remember thinking, in January '07, how far away winter '07 seemed to be (we were thinking that we would have baby 2 by winter '07, as in right now...) --But here we are, winter '07, no baby, no pregnancy . . . BUT many blessings and growth -our marriage has grown in so many ways, this year has been such a challenge in SO many ways -God knows what's best -and we had to just "trust" and have "faith" in ways that we never could have imagined . . . and because of everything we've experienced we have united and strengthened as husband and wife in the most perfect way (I say perfect as in for us -not that we are perfect). God is good and we are amazed and so thankful -everyday- for the way He chooses (has chosen) to guide and care for us . . . so, back to the 'meds' --ha ha-- I think we've decided that this was the last round of those particular meds (due to the HORRIBLE side effects :( -the side effects make me wonder why I chose to do another round in the first place . . . I must have forgotten how horrible I felt the last time -but I made sure to tell chris and my mom to remind me of the most recent side effects -to make sure they remind me that I have said "no more". . . if, for some reason, we fail to conceive -once again- we have decided to move on to the next option . . . I'll share if and when we reach that bridge. So, stay tuned for the TTC update -to come in several weeks...

night night
-this was a lot longer and more detailed than I meant it to be -ha ha-

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