November 27, 2007

He sure is Green

We are watching The Grinch (Jim Carrey) --well, it's actually paused right now, as Chris puts Kryssa to sleep. Well, I'm having wonderful night . . . Chris is on vacation this week -but tomorrow is my only day off this week!! :( So we are going to stay up late and watch Christmas movies. Next we're watching Mr. Beans Holiday (we've never seen that one).

Earlier, before The Grinch, we watched Vacancy! Yikes . . . I hadn't watched a suspensful movie like that since . .. I don't even know the name of it --something about murders happening in the order of the hotel room number the person was staying in -don't know. Well, that was probably sometime in 2003!! So, I was all tense and snuggled real close to Chris -not knowing what to expect . . . and it turns out that it was just a quick 1hour, 20min., movie! Ugh . . . it was actually a very boring, blah, ending -if you ask me. Eh, oh well.

So, I don't know what we are going to do tomorrow -for now, all we have planned is sleeping in and having breakfast together, the three of us -which does not happen often enough :(- I hope to successfully make omlets -ha ha ;)

Nighty night all!

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