November 17, 2007

update -it's been a lawwwwwng time!

Well, tonight sure was a big event in our lives --we said goodbye to skylar as we introduced her to her new family. Poor Kryssa took it super duper hard. I've been preparing her for about 2 weeks now -but I can't even imagine what must have been running through her mind as she realized that skylar really wasn't getting back in the car with us -to come back "home". :(

It hit me again when we came home . . . I kicked off my shoes and put the bags down, in the kitchen, getting ready to say, under my breathe, "oh, I guess I'll take the dog out." . . . Then as I walked towards the cage (the light was off in the classroom) it HIT me: "There's no Skylar . . . wow! . . . she's really not there. The cage isn't empty because she is outside waiting to come in -she's just not here anymore . . ." --so Chris packed up the cage and put it in the garage.

So, the classroom really looks so much more like a classroom now. There's sooooo much space (now that our 60lb dog is gone). We've done so many little home improvements with much re-arranging, painting, and remodeling-- having a 'breakfast' area again just feels SOOOOO wonderful!!

We have a super busy week ahead of us --but I'm really looking forward to it! :D Chris is off this weekend and it's going to be great! We are going to finish up some of our little "projects" around the house and then start decorating for CHRISTMAS!!! I'm sooooo excited!!!

I have some other updates -but I'm going to share those in about two weeks or so --once I have more details to share. :D

So, tonight, I felt JOY!! Praise God. Of course, I had mixed emotions about skylar and our super "so sad" daughter --but overall, the night has been very enjoyable with Chris and Kryssa. I'm looking forward to the rest of the weekend -to enjoy with my family.

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