December 9, 2014

A glimpse of my reality

In a twin parenting group, we were challenged to post something "real" —not just the cute matching, adorable, sweet stuff.  I like to think I've done my fair share of being pretty real on my Instagram and Life Happens FB page.  Sometimes I do think it's a little more fun (entertaining) than the 'picture perfect' stuff.  So, why not get down to the nitty gritty and share my "right now".Hahaha

Tuesday, December 9, 2014, 12:00pm:

  • Super messy kitchen that I've been trying to finish cleaning for days.  
  • Me and my little ones still in yesterday's clothes (yes, Elly wore pjs all day yesterday.  I'll just hang my head and go hide now).  

  • Clean piles. 
  • Dirty piles. (so much bedding due to over a week of a tummy bug.)
  • Clothes that are too small and need to be put away –piles.  
  • Overflowing piles. 

  • Another laundry bin of dirty clothes.  
  • Traces of a popcorn tug-O-war that happened about 30 mins ago.  
  • A Landry bin of clean diapers that need to be stuffed, folded, and put away. 

Oh it's real. (Real annoying and real embarrassing. But real.)

Yesterday was survival mode —Kj was having a VERY hard time controlling her behaviors during school time (SPD is also VERY real in this house, too). She took almost 4 hours to do something that would normally take her maybe 30-45 mins... I was titled "the meanest mommy ever", again, and the twins climbed and explored and made wonderful messes that I had to zoom around cleaning, before Chris got home from work. 

And right now, Kj isn't in any pics because she's asleep, in her bed, fighting off her second round of the stomach bug, that we've all been passing around since Thanksgiving (twins have had it 3 times. I've had it twice.  Chris has somehow managed to skip it all together.). 

So, today is "catch up day", but I'm pretty sure that's everyday.  And I've now just put it all out there for everyone to judge... Because we all know deep down, even if I say "don't judge me" you're still fighting off those judging thoughts. ;)  Unless, if your days are like mine, then I know you're either laughing or crying right along with me.  And if you really aren't judging, then you probably understand that my priorities are happy, healthy, kiddos that get lots of mommy time, no matter what other things "need" to be done around here, and keeping a sane mind --as sane as I can possibly stay. (I'm pretty sure I hit a mini-depression by the end of last night (KJ's "sensational" day surely drained me waaaaay past my limits)... as I sat, just staring off at nothing, not wanting to be touched, sending everyone over to daddy. ha!).  So, for now, it's one day at a time, something will always need to be cleaned.  Just tack it on to my daily list.  There's only one of me and I can only do so much; I'm fully aware of that now.  Plus, my joy and happiness should not be based on what my house looks like, or what I've accomplished in a day; although, it surely does feel good.  Instead, I find my joy and happiness in the giggles, the silly moments, the milestones, and in seeing my kiddos happy.  Because I know these days will soon be gone.

*Sorry, hun, if you see this.  I know that sharing these photos might hurt you way more than it hurts me.  But I promise, we aren't alone in this reality.  And I'll try to do a follow up post, of those two whole minutes of "clean" and "accomplished"... Until I turn around and see it all trashed rearranged by our loving crew.  :)

Happy twinning everyone! ❤️

And right as I finished this post, Liam tripped and spilled all of his 3,000 cheerios all over the floor!! (I had JUST swept up Elly's spill about 15 mins ago.  Yup.  It's just how it goes.)

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