September 15, 2014

Ready to shine my sink already!

I have SERIOUSLY been trying to "shine my sink" for three weeks now.  I'm pretty sure this is week number four.  Dishes just never go away.  Like NEVER!  After dinner, I just don't have energy, or motivation, to get up and clean more dishes --again!  I can't be the only one.

Do we own too many dishes?  Is there a such thing as a 'perfect amount' to own?  I'm seriously ready to just throw everything away and start fresh.  Really.

I came across, and I am loving everything I read.  I'm currently just trying to 'get started'.  Her very First Baby Step is to Shine Your Sink.  That's supposed to be 'Day 1' of her Baby Steps.  ha!  How about 'Month 1'?!  :(

I keep telling myself, "Well, at least you aren't giving up... yet!".  Even Chris has tackled load after load, and then thrown in the towel, saying "You're turn!".  It's overwhelming.  It's exhausting!

We've tried using all disposable items.  We've tried using the same cup throughout the day.  We've even just eaten straight out of 'To Go' containers, to save from dirtying a dish!  But our sinks [and counters, and stove] still pile up.

FlyLady, I love you, but I think I seriously need  baby steps to get to my first baby step...

How do you tackle the never-ending chore of keeping your sinks (and dishes) clean??  I'd LOVE to hear!

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  1. I finally shined my sinks last night!!! Yeah, it took a very long time to get every single last little item out of our sink. BUT I did it!! And it feels fabulous! :)