December 11, 2013

Recipe: Sausage and Cabbage Delight

During our [4 day] Whole30 experience we searched for new and healthy recipes.  My first stop was definitely Whole Family Strong and here is one of our favs!

Sausage and Cabbage Delight:
(I added 'baby spinach' in this batch)
It calls for cabbage, onions, shredded carrots, and your favorite sausage, cooked in coconut oil.  All these ingredients make a tasty combination; but I personally think that the spices are what really make this meal a real 'keeper' for us (Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder, Sage, and (optional) Cayenne)!  It's on the spicy side, if you choose to add the cayenne pepper.  It's the type of spicy that "burns so good".  hehe  That's how I refer to yummy spicy foods.  Tonight, when I finished up, I told KJ,  " mouth is on fire and I like it!".  If spicy is not your thing (KJ can't handle the heat on this meal) then just leave out the cayenne.  ;)
*I choose to also add several handfuls of baby spinach and an entire extra onion.  Serious YUM!  (I've tried Kale, but it really changes the taste.  I've swapped out Sage for Basil.  It makes it tasty, but still, we think it's tastiest with Sage.  This recipe has so much room to play with!  I'm considering adding mushrooms the next time I make this.)

It's also one of my favs because it's such a quick prep and a 'put the lid on and let it cook' type meal.

Happy eating!

*Make sure to visit Jacque at the Whole Family Strong facebook page and tell her what you think of the recipe!

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