April 7, 2013

Week 27: Rutabaga and Special Deliveries

How far along?
27 weeks on 4/4/13

How big are the twinkies?
According to The Bump, the babies are approximately the size of a rutabaga.

How am I feeling?
Sleepy.  Hungry.  Sleepy.


What do I miss?
Sleeping on my tummy.  (again . . . still.) 

HeartBURN/acid reflux. Nausea.  Asthma (I'm now needing Flovent twice daily, without fail.  Whereas, before pregnancy, I just used Prventil about once a month, maybe a few times more, depending on allergens and weather.) 

Pizza.  Ice Cream.  Chocolate.
*the ice cream is the one I still think is strange.  Before pregnancy, I was very sensitive to lactose.  I didn't care for ice cream, in general, and when I would want a bit, I'd always regret it.  Now that I'm pregnant, I can eat it and not be affected in anyway (other than guilt. lol).  The other night, Chris went out to buy me ice cream.  I had a very specific craving: vanilla ice cream with chocolate fudge mixed in and a bottle of goat's milk caramel.  I was one happy happy momma when Chris got home with exactly that!!! :D  (and a special surprise:  a Rico's jumbo pickle in a pouch)
*But I'm definitely not picky . . . right?! ;)

Highlights of the week?
We recently ordered some of the baby items we were still needing (some big, some small).  So, this week was full of "special deliveries" —always exciting, opening packages and getting to play with everything set it up and see how it all works.  hee hee  :)

Putting the Double Snap 'n Go stroller together
Double Snap 'n Go stroller
New pack 'n play
Stuffed animal hippos, hippo rattles, diaper pail wet bags, fuzzibunz diaper, Willow Tree Twins, Boba 3G baby carrier.
Thirsties diaper cover, Fuzzibunz diaper, Applecheeks diaper, Bidet a.k.a. diaper sprayer, wet bags, diaper pail.
Baltic Amber necklaces and an Applecheeks diaper
KJ loving on her siblings

Belly watch:

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