July 8, 2010

hpt #5

probably too soon, I know.  I just had some light spotting today and wondered if it could be due to a pregnancy or a cycle.  the only way to figure it out, for today, would be to test.  I knew if it showed up positive, I would be the HAPPIEST woman alive and it would explain the light spotting.  If it showed up negative then I would just have to keep waiting for something more to happen —or to take another test...

It showed up negative.

I think I'm just test happy right now.   I just can't help it.  I'm four days "late" so light spotting could be great news either way —early signs of pregnancy :D  OR signs of another cycle (which is always good news because it means that my body is still working!!! and another chance to catch an ovulation...)

worst that could happen:  I'll have to order another 10-15 hpts from baby wishes —I think my peace of mine is worth another $10, if need be.  :)


  1. Aw, bummer for -, but yay for cheap tests! :) I am usually "test happy" too, but I've been good this month, haha.
    I love you guys, and know that it will happen for you in His perfect timing!

    On a side note, I think we are on close cycles! Hahaha! Probably TMI, sorry!

  2. LOL!! Monica, I think we did away with "TMI" a LONG time ago!! ;)

  3. Lol, I guess you're right! I suppose talking about "cycles" doesn't even come to close, um, giving birth in front my bff! Lol!

  4. hmm, I can see how that one *might* fit in the TMI category. Although . . . seeing how that's already happened, TMI is basically non-existent. hee hee ;)