January 24, 2010

Lupron. Day 11

Yesterday was, so far, the worst day. I was an emotional wreck! I had hot flashes beyond what I had imagined . . . at one point in the day, my clothes were drenched from sweat. Yuck, I know. And that's that I was just sitting in my bed ---next to the open window, feeling the cool breeze. I was soooo close to just jumping into the shower with only the COLD water running. Chris called, after work, in the afternoon, to see how I was doing (because I had already let him know through text that I was having a really rough day) and as soon as he asked how I was, I just broke down and huffed and puffed with tears.

After the horrible 15-20 min hot flash had passed, I actually laughed out loud at how silly I must have sounded over the phone to Chris. I couldn't handle it right at the moment he called. But once my body wasn't boiling any longer, I felt silly to have cried and been so emotional.

Lately, I've just been soooo irritable. Everything bothers, irritates, me. I wish I didn't feel like just mumbling through my day --seriously! As much as I enjoy a good conversation, lately, I just want people to not talk to me and I want my day to just be over with! :(

I did quite a bit of research on endometriosis yesterday and was relieved to read I wasn't the only one having a bit of trouble dealing with the side effects of Lupron. However, I did read that the peak was normally around day 7-1o. Yesterday was my day 10. So, God willing, things won't last much longer.

Chris has really been great during all this. He is handling all my moods, whines, tears, sweats, and irritibility very well and lovingly. :) Priase God. And he's really been there for KJ when I'm just "gone" from daily life...

Another night is ahead . . . ready to start another busy week. I worked just about allll day today putting February curriculum together. My to-do list just keeps growing at work. I'm going to be pretty busy this week. Booo.

night night.
until another update...

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