April 5, 2011

And here are the results...


Too bad the nurse hasn't figured out how to break the news lightly.  She peeked her head in and cheerfully, with a big smile, exclaimed, "It's a no.  Not this time.  I'm sorry . . .[awkward pause]. . . Okay?...[leaves and shuts the door]."

The sonogram, once again, showed a "beautiful" (as my doctor always says), closed, uterus and two "beautiful" ovaries (no concerning cysts).  It wasn't even April Fools Day but I sure felt like the worst prank -EVER- happened to me that day . . . Right when the doc started the sono, there was a menu screen up as the view.  Well, he said, "let's see", as he cleared the menu away to reveal the sono image.  And then he said "oh!".  I'm looking at the screen and my heart sinks.  The image showed a beautiful open uterus with a tiny tiny 'bean sprout' of a baby . . . (all this happened in about 2 seconds).  Then he pressed another button as he said "let's clear that and get to our screen...".  Then my whole world (that day) came crashing down as I realized that the image I had just seen was from a pregnant lady, before me, NOT ME.  The precious little 'bean sprout' was gone in a split second, only to reveal my never-changing closed uterus...

Since we are hitting our 1 yr mark this month (on the 12th), I was really hoping we could take a "new step" in this journey.  My doctor agreed and this is what I have going on right now:

Back on provera (for ten days.  I'm on day 5.)
started a daily dose of metformin
continuing 150mg of Clomid
I'll go in for my Day 21 check
Then I have a follow up appointment on May 10th, I believe.  :)  (hoping for the wonderful baby news!!)

I'm having to re-adjust to certain side effects.  I had forgotten about mood swings and insomnia with the provera.  By the third dose of it, I remembered.  So, I do my best to not drink any caffeine during the day, in hopes that extreme exhaustion will take over and beat the insomnia (last night was a success!!)  The new side effects for metformin have been an interesting challenge.  It really messes with my stomach!!  It makes for some hilarious moments of me running off at odd moments.  lol  ;)  You just gotta love infertility!! ::straight face::

Here's to the possibilities of conceiving in May! . . . the doc says that the Clomid/Metformin combo increases the chances of conceiving multiples —if that's true, then there might be a real good chance of me conceiving just ONE!! ;)

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